There’s trouble at the Celebrity Rehab house already. Bai Ling appeared suicidal as she climbed out on to the roof of the house where filming and counseling takes place. Authorities were called in to the situation.


Bai Ling is known for her wild ways, so was this just another stunt and not a real suicide attempt?

Can’t a rehab patient just hang out on the roof without people getting all uppity anymore? I guess not.

Somebody decided that seeing Ms. Ling up on top of a building that houses recovering addicts was a tad unsettling. Moments later an emergency call was placed.

Luckily, Bai Ling decided to come back inside on her own, with medical authorities present so the police did not come. This will certainly be an interesting season to air, since there has already been drama with Michael Lohan and the White House crashers. Are you looking forward to this season?

Photos via WENN

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