CHARLIE SHEEN’S exes BROOKE MUELLER and DENISE RICHARDS have development an unusual friendship! In fact the two ex Mrs. Sheen talk all the time and are planning play dates for their kids.

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Brooke and Denise had plans to get together with their kids last week, before Brooke went on a crack bender and ended up back in rehab again.

An insider tells Radar Online: “Brooke and Denise talk quite frequently. It was Denise’s idea to get together for dinner with Brooke with their children. Denise’s children with Charlie, Sam and Lola, have spent time in the past with their half-siblings, Bob and Max. Denise wants all the children to hang out together.”

Denise has also reached out to Brooke to offer her support after her relapse. That’s so nice of Denise; and it’s certainly best for the kids when all the adults involved are amicable.

As you probably know that Brooke and Charlie have two twins together; whereas Denise and Charlie have two daughters together.

Looks like the reunion has to be put on hold until Brooke gets herself sober up… Hopefully soon.

photos via WENN

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