Watch video of JIMMY KIMMEL jokes about DONALD TRUMP running for president in 2012! Trump is seriously considering running for president. Reason? Trump wants to save the country since he thinks Obama is doing a terrible job and this country is going to hell. Donald says if he’s the president, this country will be great again.

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Trump sat down with Meredith Vieira on the Today’s Show; Donald said he can’t decide if he’s going to run for President until the season of his show the Celebrity Apprentice is over. That’s a good one.

Donald says the world laughs at us and they won’t be laughing at us if he’s the president. But Jimmy Kimmel disagrees!

“If Donald Trump wins, my guess is America will look a lot like it did in ‘Back to the Future 2,’ when Biff was in charge.” “Maybe he should ease into this – by running for a lower office first, like President of the Hair Club for Men.” says Jimmy Kimmel.

One thing I think Donald must do if he were the president; he must change his ridiculous hairdo!

Would you vote for Trump if he were to run for president?

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