JOEY LAWRENCE would like us all to know he fully supports DONALD TRUMP as president. ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ star who has been forthright about his distaste for Obama and has talked – very seriously – about running for president has had a hard time rallying diehard followers but, alas, Lawrence is one of them.

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The former star of Blossom told Fox News:

“I’d be open to Donald. He’s somebody out of the box and I think that some of the stuff he’s saying makes sense. It sounds like you and I would say it, and it’s time. I’m tired of ‘so politically correct’ every step of the way. It’s like there are times when we need to say, ‘We’re getting our rear ends kicked, we are the world leader, we need to step up and act like it.’ think Donald is an interesting character. He’s an amazing CEO, this is a business. This is a business, running this country is a business and it has not been run the last decade the right way.”

Lawrence then goes on to say he should, perhaps, run for president. Oh boy. Does this mean he’s a Republican?

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