Kate Gosselin admits she hasn’t dated since her divorce from Jon. Kate and Jon had a very messy, very public divorce that played out heavily in the tabloids (how can we forget?). Kate, for her part, was so traumatized by the ordeal and in response has such high expectations now that she hasn’t hardly dated at all since then.

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While appearing on The Today Show, she told Matt Lauer:

“I feel like I have my life together pretty much, but let be honest it’s going to take a strong person to wrangle this mess. If [a suitor] can pass the test, he’s got to be Superman.”

How does the reality star deal with her immense disappointment with ex-husband Jon (who barely sees their eight children at all).

“I wish that he would see them more, to be honest; so do the kids.┬áThe important thing is that I control my reaction, my behavior, my attitude and my words. What I receive back is not in my control.”

Sounds like she’s really gained some perspective. We’re proud Kate!

Photos: WENN

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