The much anticipated ROYAL WEDDING of PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE MIDDLETON is expected to attract 2 billion viewers worldwide as it happens on April 29!

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A recent survey done by Zoosk shows American’s thoughts on the upcoming royal nuptials, from wedding traditions to matters of the heart.

Here is a highlight of some of the findings:

• Shocker! U.S. singles are more likely than Brits to watch the royal wedding – 40% of U.S. singles say they plan to watch the royal wedding on TV, whereas only 31% of single Brits say they plan to tune in.

• However, 39% said that they would rather have a root canal than watch all the pomp and ceremony on April 29th.

• 75% of women and 59% of men say that Prince William should stick with tradition and wear a wedding band.

• 56% of U.S. singles say they would not want to marry into a royal family. Women feel more strongly about this than men – 60% of women say “no way” to joining a royal family whereas men are 50-50.

• 78% of U.S. singles are skeptical of Kate’s wedding cake choice and say they would not serve fruitcake at their own wedding.

That’s too funny that some would rather have a root canal than to watch the royal wedding. I don’t think they know how painful that could be, silly!

Looking at the pictures, Prince William is really going bald. Guess that’s not too much one can do, is it?

Are you planning to watch the royal wedding?

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