SARAH SHAHI, an actress and star of USA’s ‘Fairly Legal’, almost got into a vehicle tangle with PARIS HILTON and boy was she pissed about it! Apparently, P. Hilt nearly ran her over at the corner and Shahi took to her mighty Twitter to call her out on it.

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Shahi tweeted:

“Paris Hilton- worst driver ever. Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign.what if there was a kid around the corner, you dumb b–ch.

She didn’t stop there, Shahi continued and tweeted:

“Paris Hilton – horrible excuse for a human being.”

“What an irresponsible person, what a lame existence.”

“One more thing blonde piece of sh*t – you aren’t an elitist because you have money. You should apologize to humanity…now I’m done.”

Oh, man! Sarah! Truthfully, yes, Paris should pay closer attention when turning the corner, but that string of hateful tweets just makes Shahi look petty. Don’t you think?

Photos: WENN

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