TORI SPELLING’S breast implants have been looking awfully odd to us; a bit unbalanced or something. Now thanks to Hollywood Life, we know it’s not just us seeing things!

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An expert told HL this might be because Spelling’s having a baby! As we know pregnancy affects the breasts dramatically even implants. No wonder the normally rail thin actress looks to have put on some weight lately. spoke with plastic-surgery experts and they agree: If Tori is pregnant, this may be why her implants have gotten slightly unshapely!

“It looks like they’ve sunk and they moved,” Dr. Steven Fallek, NYC-based plastic surgeon tells us. “They’ve dropped.”

So if Tori is pregnant, how far along is she? “Breasts significantly change at 3-4 months of pregnancy,” says Dr. Fallek.

Pregnant or not, looks like Tori’s implants have some issues. The good news is, she can get them fixed! If Tori’s indeed pregnant she’d have to wait a few months after giving birth before getting the fixing done.

Do you think Tori is indeed pregnant?

images via WENN

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