Hollywood celebrities spend fortunes on plastic surgeries; some have gone to such extremes as having gone under the knife repeatedly as if they were visiting their hair stylists. The only problem is that most of these surgical works are unfortunately irreversible. Let’s look at 10 celebrities who have had plastic surgery or as Hollywood gossip news suggest they have gone under the knife.

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Heidi Montag – her old breast implants increased to DDDs, a nose job revision, a lipo on her stomach and thighs, a butt augmentation, a brow lift, etc, etc, etc.

Montag shocked the world when she underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in one day. Most of us either don’t know or have forgotten that Heidi has already had two plastic surgeries done prior to her big tune up.

Montag wishes she could travel back in time and not have gotten the 10 procedures she did a year ago. But sweetie, certain things are irreversible. She was genetically blessed to begin with… Dear God I’m wondering what she would end up looking like in 20 years time if this crazy addiction doesn’t stop. Heidi is merely 24!

JWoww - breast implants

Jersey Shore’s Jenni Farley AKA JWoww has this to say about her breast implants: “I’d do it every year if I could.”

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She’s happy with her rack so are we. But sister don’t do it every year, you might not be so lucky next time around.

Tori Spelling – breast implants

Spelling’s implants have been looking a bit weird lately; according to plastic surgeons, they could have dropped due to her pregnancy. Oops. Looks like Tori might have to get them repaired after giving birth. Sounds just like bringing your car in for service? I sometimes think these celebs have misconceptions of the Dos and Don’ts.

Victoria Beckham – breast implants

Now gone! Beckham recently told Vogue UK that she has removed her implants –“torpedo bazookas” as the magazine so hilariously call them!

Much better Posh! I’m glad she didn’t surgically remove her accent, I just love the way she talks, don’t you?

Kim Kardashian – Boxtox and possibly butt job

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Kim says she’s all-natural. Regarding her famous derriere; She said it’s the Armenian genes in her.

The image which looks as if Kim’s suffering from a horrible Botox mishap? Kardashian said it was a bad flu day. Ha! How come we didn’t think of that to begin with?

All-natural or not, we don’t know but Kim looks dazzling and mighty hot in any case. Do you think Kim has ever had plastic surgery?

Kourtney Kardashian – breast implants

Kourtney admits those babies are fake.

“It was kind of impulsive. I was never insecure about my breast size or my body. I just got the idea in my head one day, and that was that,” Kourtney said.

Kourt, we are proud of your honesty and seriously I would have never guessed it. Bravo!

Mickey Rourke – face reconstructive surgery

Rourke, the once boxer turned Hollywood heartthrob (don’t laugh, it’s true, that was probably before you were born) went back to boxing in the early 90s; and Mickey suffered a lot of physical injuries including facial scars. Rourke’s face badly needed reconstructive surgery and so he did; his face was later labelled “almost unrecognizable.” Ouch! Mickey said he had gone to “the wrong guy” for his surgery and that his plastic surgeon had left his features “a mess.”

Lisa Rinna – inflated lips and face filler

Rinna said she first started getting her lips injected back in 1986 when she and a girlfriend made an impulsive decision to get some silicone shot into their lips. Lisa’s famously inflated lips have been deflated as she has admittedly had a surgical procedure done to reduce them.

As for the face filler? Rinna overdid it.

“I saw a picture of myself and thought, ‘Uh-oh,’” admits Lisa, after getting too much Juvéderm. “You have to be careful. I’m a perfect example of that!” “There are many things you can do to make yourself look better,” said Lisa.

I think reducing her lips was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. I mean you can’t really look like Angelina Jolie unless you’re Angie, can you?

Jocelyn Wildenstein –  face lift, cheek implants, chin implants, breast implants eye tuck, liposuction, brow lift and everything else you can possibly think of.

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Jocelyn, the Swiss-born, New York socialite often referred to as “The Bride of Frankenstein” or “Cat Woman” has had all kinds of plastic surgeries you can possibly think of. Psychiatrists and plastic surgeons call this an example of “body dysmorphic disorder” or in plain English: someone who’s paranoid of being ugly. I think Heidi Montag would sadly fall into this category as well.

Joan Rivers – facelift, eye tuck, nose job, Botox, etc, etc etc.

Good God, Rivers is 77, despite looking very plastic, she does look much younger than her age, doesn’t she? So perhaps all-natural was never meant to be for Joan.

What do you think of these 10 stars? Who do you think some have really enhanced their looks through plastic surgeries?

images via WENN

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