Apparently Nicolas Cage sounded more like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” than soft-spoken Cameron Poe in “Con Air” the night of his drunken arrest. He scared the beejeezus out of a witness who frantically called 911 while Nic was raving at wife number 3, Alice Kim and their 5-year-old son, Superman Kal-el.


Here’s the transcript of that call…

“There’s a terrible emergency going on across the street involving a child, a man that’s out of control screaming, ‘let me in, let me in,’ and he’s holding a baby. I think he’s trying to take it from it’s mother.
I think it’s escalated to something very bad …”

“They’re screaming and screaming, and this man I think he’s going to hurt this child and woman…The child is screaming … it’s very bad scene! Someone has to come.”

Apparently the witness never experienced having their world come crashing down their ears, their 15 homes foreclosed, their movies bomb, and having the IRS hounding their heels.

So now Nicolas has Child Protection Services gunning for his guts, as well.  And what’s he going to say? “But it was just a coupla dozen bourbons!”

Image via WENN

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