Is CHARLIE SHEEN really ‘destroyed’ by the news that ASHTON KUTCHER has swooped in and picked up his role on ‘Two and a Half Men?’ Well, if a source close to the #tigerblood infused actor is to be trusted, Sheen is privately devastated that the show’s creators chose to split with him permanently and replace him with the young, hip Kutcher.

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Says the source to

“He really thought that he would be invited back,” a friend of Charlie’s tells me. “After years of suffering no consequences for his behavior, why would he think anything else? Finally it has sunk in that he doesn’t live by different rules to everyone else. Actions do have a consequences.”

Sheen has publicly called Kutcher a “sweetheart” and says he’s happy for the star, but do you believe that the entertainment news that he’d been replaced secretly stung?

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