Celebrity gossip websites have the skinny on the latest Rihanna-Chris Brown Twitter shocker – RiRi‘s fans are outraged! And they have every reason to be. Has their beloved red-haired “S&M” singer forgotten the pain and indignity of her battered face splashed across entertainment news all over America? Is it perhaps because she likes “the way it hurts”?


One fan, iStan4Rihanna, twittered her disappointment Friday over Rihanna‘s apparent attempt to reinsert herself into the path of Chris Brown‘s hard fist life by following his Twitter account:

“LOUD era is over… @chrisbrown is in the game again… Welcome back RATED R era ):,”

RiRi, of course, went on the defense immediately with:

“Its [expletive] twitter, not the alter! Calm down.”

What do psychoanalysts have to say about people who are constantly in denial? It happens to alcoholics (Lindsay), drug addicts (Charlie Sheen), mental cases (Charlie Sheen), and battered women (the former Robyn of Barbados).

How very charming of Rihanna to lash back at a worried fan to defend her obsession with an abusive ex-boyfriend. Hasn’t a judge already issued a restraining order against Chris Brown? Why is Rihanna tempting fate?

Unless she wants more of the same?

Of course.

Images via WENN

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