Dating older women may all be well and Good(rem), but NICK JONAS is focused on his music, not DELTA GOODREM, Nick‘s brother Kevin Jonas told the latest Hollywood gossip. This on the heels of heated speculation that’s followed Nick and Delta after they were seen holding hands at the movies (awwww..)


Concentrating on a waning music career (the Jonas Brothers have last been relevant in “Camp Rock 2″) can be difficult with an attractive distraction around. So is the 8-year difference (he’s 18, she’s 26) making Nick happy?

“I imagine so. I haven’t really spoken to him much.”

Kevin‘s been quoted as saying. Well we do imagine…we imagine quite a whole lot!

In fact, we and all Hollywood news and gossip have a wonderful 3D high definition imagination. Delta‘s an experienced older woman, after all, who can bring a lot to the kind of relationship they must be having.

Still, Kevin defends his brother Nick‘s raging post-adolescent libido by dousing our imagination with the staid pronouncement of an older married man:

“Right now, he’s really focused on his music. He’s working with millions of other artists doing different things. It’s really incredible. He has a new one in the studio every day. At 18, he’s able to produce artists that have been around forever and it’s so cool.”


So while Nick‘s training his focus on the beautiful music he makes with Delta Goodrem his music, here are a couple of photos of his hot 26-year-old muse…

Images via WENN

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