..because it’s KIM KARDASHIAN, (*insert expletive here*), and “expensive” is her middle name, especially when it comes to $2 million engagement rings. The recession’s still raging, thousands displaced by tornadoes, and nearly 7 million U.S. households are going hungry this year, but Kim Kardashian will have her 20.5 carat bling and hold a press conference in honor of it, too. So eat that, America…

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What Hollywood news and gossip really wants to know is: why is Kim‘s ring is worth nearly forty-five times more than the annual income of most U.S. households? Jewelry expert Michael O’Connor explains more about Kim‘s preferred Lorraine Schwartz rock:

Kim’s ring is a MAJOR rock…We have seen a number of celebrities get engaged over the past few years, but nobody has had a diamond of this size and quality!”

Well, we know that. And so do most Americans living below the poverty line.

“Because of the emerald cut of Kim’s ring, you know that the diamond was extremely high quality to begin with. The color would have to be colorless to near colorless, which is enhanced by the natural whiteness that platinum provides.”

Hurray. For Kim Kardashian, that is.

And poor Kris Humphries. If he thinks those biblical passages etched on the band are going to keep his beloved betrothed’s soul from the kind of eternal damnation reserved for the avaricious, well, he’s got another think coming.

Any chance Kim might auction the ring off after the wedding (or as soon as it’s called off)  and donate the proceeds to charity? We’re just playing, you knew that right?

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