KIM KARDASHIAN announced her engagement this morning via a People magazine cover (but of course), and while fiance KRIS HUMPHRIES proposed earlier this month; celebrity gossip websites are already speculating as to how much money she’ll net from saying ‘I Do’ in a public, reality TV ceremony.

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Although everyone has a different estimate, it seems about $2 million to be the lowest with $5 million being completely possible.

She’ll first likely sell the pictures to the highest tabloid bidder, who will likely shell out as much as $2 million. Keep in in mind that Kim K. is big overseas and in Australia too. Ca-ching, another million.

As far as the other $2 million?

Well, wedding vendors could easily cough that up? Afterall, after being featured in a Karashian wedding they’ll be on “best of” lists for a time to come.

Are you excited for Kim K‘s wedding?


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