While LADY GAGA might be the most powerful celebrity on earth right now, she was once a bullied adolescent like everyone else. Gaga retold a rather frightening tale of how she was bullied as kid by older high school boys, one time even landing in a trash can.

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Gaga says in her upcoming entertainment news MTV Special:

“The boys picked me up and threw me in the trash can on the street, on the corner of my block while all the other girls from the school were leaving and could see me in the trash. Everybody was laughing and I was even laughing. I had that nervous giggle … I remember even one of the girls looking at me like ‘are you about to cry? You’re pathetic.’ That’s what it felt like, you’re pathetic.”

Gaga goes on to say that this is why she feels so bonded with her fans and that it hasn’t been until recently that she realized how much the bullying effected her.

The Lady Gaga MTV Special airs on May 26th at 9pm.

Photos: WENN

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