We’ve all seen practically every inch of LADY GAGA’s ridiculously tight body, which she flaunts in concerts, music videos, celebrity news magazines, and basically everywhere—but she wasn’t always blessed with such sexiness. The fabulous Mother Monster has worked very hard to achieve the body she has now.

So… how did she do it?

Lady Gaga Bad Romance

Harley Pasternak, Lady Gaga’s trainer, shares:

“She totally transformed her body… She used to have very little muscle tone, but we firmed her up.”

Harley reveals that he personally guides the pop singer through a 35-minute strength workout session 5 times a week to help her maintain her physique. In addition to this regular workout, he shares the different body sculpting moves that he has taught Lady Gaga to help her achieve her dream body.

First on Gaga’s list was her butt. Harley reveals:

“Getting a great rear end was another priority for Gaga.”

His solution? The “skater’s lunge” (six sets of 20):

“You cross your right leg behind your left and drop your right knee like you’re curtseying… Then switch sides and do it again to complete one rep.”

Lady Gaga also has firm, nicely toned thighs to complement her tight rear end, and to achieve this she does reverse lunges (six sets of 20) while holding a 10-pound weight in each hand, keeping them right above the knees. Harley reveals:

“She can do this move in hotel rooms.”

And what about Lady Gaga‘s awesome abs? According to Harley, the singer achieved hers by doing bicycle crunches (six sets of 20):

“Most of what she wears shows her stomach, so her goal was to have the best abs ever… They train her abs from every direction.”

Lastly, Harley shares how Gaga got her perfectly toned arms: overhead dumbbell triceps extensions (six sets of 20) and lateral dumbbell raises to tone her shoulders. He says:

Gaga wants to look like she has long arms.”

Since Lady Gaga is always clad in extremely skimpy outfits, Harley says:

“We wanted to tone every ounce of her body.”

So what do you think guys? Are you interested in trying out Lady Gaga‘s workout?

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