Entertainment news admits it, Oscar winner, LEONARDO DICAPRIO does have a penchant for blonde blue-eyed models. And it seems he has a certain age limit for his girls, even if he’s getting on in years himself. In case it’s slipped your notice, Leo‘s ladies are all blonde, they’re all blue-eyed, and they’ve stayed within the early 20′s age range during the span of their relationship with the “Inception” star.


You can’t fault Leo, he’s a stickler for a certain type of woman. And he’s had a reputation for being a serial monogamist (no Arnold Schwarzenegger, this). In fact, celebrity news reports most of his relationships have lasted longer than a lot of Hollywood marriages. Let’s take a look at the list of girls who’ve captured Leo‘s heart…

Leo‘s Lady #1: Giselle Bundchen. Blonde, check. Blue-eyed, check. Model, check. Early 20′s, check (she was 21 to his 26 during their dating years, circa 2000-2005)


Leo‘s Lady #2: Bar Refaeli. Again, blonde, blue-eyed, and a model. And she was 20 to his 31 when they started. They’re getting younger, aren’t they?


Leo’s Lady #3: Blake Lively – well, she’s a redhead now, but the original color’s always been blonde. Blue-eyes that fit the mold, and yes, she actually models…for Chanel. Also, she’s practically an old lady at *gasp* 23.


Still, its a full 13 years between Leo and his latest. Will he turn into the kind of Hollywood stereotype Hugh Hefner and Sean Penn now are?

Just in case he is, he should be taking note that Dakota Fanning will be 20 in another 3 years; so will AnnaSophia Robb, and Chloe Moretz will be joining the club in another 6. They’re not models, of course. But who knows, fame and fortune have a way of bringing product endorsement contracts, and voila! Instant Leo material.

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