She’s actually serious! Lindsay Lohan turned up at L.A.’s Downtown Women’s Center right on schedule to begin serving her sentence for community service. Lindsay”s turning over a new leaf, and she’s not shy about doing it.


The latest Hollywood gossip has it that Lindsay has been ordered by Judge Stephani Sautner to complete a total of 480 hours worth of community service for violating the terms of her probation, and Lindsay‘s assigned to do 360 of those hours at the Downtown Women’s Center.

Will she be doing dishes? Scraping graffiti off walls? Cleaning toilets with a toothbrush? Throwing furniture at the DWC staff? Only those 360 hours will tell.

And after community service, Lindsay still has to face the consequences of theft charges against her for stealing a necklace.

How much are you betting she pulls through?

Image via WENN

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