According to the latest celebrity news, LINDSAY LOHAN has vowed to stay off drugs, alcohol, and all illegal activity for the rest of her life. And get this—she’s totally serious.


Lindsay has told her friends that she plans to stay sober and clean from now on. Sources close to Lindsay reveal that she has had an epiphany following this whole necklace fiasco, and that she is completely at peace with her sentence: the community service, the fines, the counseling, the shoplifters alternative class—all of it.

Well, Lindsay is actually REQUIRED to stay off drugs and alcohol while she’s on probation—which ends once she finishes the 480 hours of community service that she’s been ordered to complete—but her friends reveal that she plans to continue being sober even after her sentence.

Looks like LiLo has learned her lesson! Think she’ll stick to her plan of staying clean for life?

image via WENN

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