LINDSAY LOHAN’s boob popped out of her bikini while she was swimming in the beach! And it’s the second time this month!


Just days after flashing her boob—thanks to a wardrobe malfunction—at a photo shoot in Miami, Lindsay’s chest again popped out to say hello to everyone.

The troubled actress, who frequently finds herself a prominent figure in the latest Hollywood gossip, was enjoying a carefree day on the beach when the incident occurred. Lindsay was swimming in the ocean and seemed to be having a great time, until a big wave crashed over her. Unfortunately for LiLo, she was (unwisely) wearing a skimpy strapless bikini top, which promptly expelled her breasts.

After laughing it off and stuffing her boob back in her top, Lindsay walked back to her beach chair and flashed photographers her middle finger—classy as ever, Lindsay!

image via WENN

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