According to the latest celebrity news, our favorite Hollywood train wreck LINDSAY LOHAN will be featured at Backstreet Boy AJ MCLEAN’s new house. AJ purchased one of the gory, vampire-themed photographs of Lindsay by photographer TYLER SHIELDS.


AJ was one of the many celebrities who attended Tyler’s gallery opening last weekend. He tells PopEater:

“We were trying to figure out which one I wanted to get because we bought a new house… It’s actually the one I just bought of Lindsay [Lohan] because my fiancee worked on her make up on that shoot.”

The photograph features former fashion model Lindsay and ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Michael Trevino. The latter appears to be dead and is covered in blood, while Lindsay sits on top of his body with a knife in her hand. There is also blood smeared all over the walls. Sounds creepy, don’t you think?

AJ, apparently, is a big fan of Tyler Shields’ work. He gushes:

“He’s an absolute genius, in my honest opinion… If you were to put Herb Ritz and Andy Warhol together, that’ who Tyler is.”

Who would’ve thought LiLo would end up on a Backstreet Boy’s wall?

images via WENN

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