PARIS HILTON attempted to start a catfight with LINDSAY LOHAN this week when she leaked a snippet of her new reality show ‘The World According To Paris.’ The Oxygen show is set to premiere this summer and Hilton takes a swipe at her former BFF by poking fun at her lengthy rap sheet for stealing.

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Apparently, a woman on her reality show mistook Paris for Lindsay when Paris gifted her a pair of earrings.

“I’m going to give them to my sister as soon as I get back to Oklahoma and I’m going to tell them that Lindsay (gave them to me)… I thought you were supposed to be in rehab?”

Realising the identity mix-up, Hilton responds, “I’m not Lindsay!”, before joking about Lohan and adding in a voiceover: “If I were Lindsay, I’d be stealing the earrings, not giving them away.”

Oh, snap! Alas, this piece of celebrity news has a happy ending. Hilton has decided to apologize to Lohan and released a statement saying she was just “joking.”

Photos: WENN

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