Professional celebrity psychic medium Barb Powell predicts that PRINCE HARRY may never marry. Does that mean we can now only rely on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s offspring and wait DECADES before we see another historic Royal Wedding?


Barb predicted:

“We won’t see Prince Harry marry for a long while, in fact, I can’t see him marrying at all. He definitely needs to be careful and not push himself too much with his career. He tends to push the limits of safety, while trying to live a life of normalcy…but goes far beyond this safety net.”

Since this is still a big MAYBE, there’s no reason for you Royal Wedding junkies to get all upset. As for now, we should all just be happy and celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton’s union. Barb said:

“I feel this is a marriage built on a foundation of love and not for show or pressure. This relationship will last and be a changing day for the monarch.”

The psychic medium was recently asked for an interview about what Princess Diana would have thought about the wedding. She said:

“The problem was they wanted me to say that Princess Diana is speaking directly to me, through me. Which would not be the case, I can not tell a lie. Could this happen if I were sitting or chatting directly with family, friends or acquaintances? Sure it could if she were to ‘present herself’ to me I could pass on messages. But why would media shy Princess Diana just wander on up to me and begin shedding her soul, don’t be foolish!”

However, Barb added:

“I can assure you that Prince William’s mother is very proud of her son and his choice of a bride. She is proud of how he has become his own person and remained true to himself and his beliefs.”

How sweet! But let’s get back to Prince Harry. Do you think the younger son of Princess Diana will ever settle down? Perhaps with his girlfriend Chelsy Davy, or maybe another beautiful lady who is now being linked to the prince?

Oh in case you didn’t know Kate Middleton is now Duchess Catherine after marrying Prince William, who is now the Duke of Cambridge.

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