ROBERT PATTINSON, who is currently working on a new movie, was photographed onset sporting a sleek new hairstyle worthy of James Bond himself. Check out Rob’s new look:

rob pattinson cosmopolis

In addition to being referred to as Edward Cullen everywhere he goes, Rob is also very well known for having quite a relaxed attitude when it comes to grooming his hair—he never seems to style it, comb it, or even wash it. He says:

“I don’t really see the point in washing your hair.”

The ‘Twilight’ actor often steps out at red carpet events looking like he dumped a bird’s nest on his head, so it must be such a change for him to look all clean and slick for his new movie.

Photos of his new look have been circulating all over the celebrity gossip websites, and it has sparked a new debate: What type of hairstyle suits Rob more? Slicked back or unkempt?

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