Yes, you heard it right – SELENA GOMEZ eats death threats from Beliebers for breakfast on a daily basis ever since she and JUSTIN BIEBER have put the official stamp on their relationship. And has that stopped her from going full PDA on him during their Hawaii vacation?


‘Aint love grand? Hollywood gossip news has filtered through the mass of death threats from Justin Bieber fans on Twitter, and these are just some of the less offensive ones:

“Stay away from Justin paedophile.”

Pedophilia, in this case, from Selena being one year older than the “Baby” hitmaker.

“I’m gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smell bed.”

Which we take to mean Selena‘s bed stinks? Does it really? And here we thought she regularly sprays it all over with Justin‘s perfume, ‘Someday.’

‘I hate Selena Gomez cuz she is dating my man,’


“If Selena Gomez breaks Justin Bieber‘s heart, I will break her face I will kill her without kindness.”

And all this just goes to show how many delusional people out there are potential stalkers in the making, thanks to Justin Bieber, who incidentally, has not made any move to defend his lady love, other than putting his hands on her butt and squeezing…

Image via WENN

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