Did TAYLOR SWIFT write her new song ‘Mean’ with ex-boyfriend JAKE GYLLENHAAL in mind? 21-year old Taylor, who is famous for writing songs about her exes post-breakup, has just released the video for her new song, and it seems as if she’s talking about her failed relationship with Jake!


According to the singer, the song is dedicated to all of her critics—the ones who have nothing but negative things to say about her music. However, the latest Hollywood gossip is that the song is actually about her ex, Jake. The video itself seems to be chock-full of metaphors about not-so-peachy relationships—particularly a scene that shows Taylor tied to train tracks by a horrible (male) villain while she sings:

“You, with your switching sides,

And your walk by lies and your humiliation

You, have pointed out my flaws again,

As if I don’t already see them.

I walk with my head down,

Trying to block you out cause I’ll never impress you

I just wanna feel okay again.”

Now let’s do a little reading-between-the-lines here. Could the first line be about Jake’s rumored romantic connection to Joe Jonas’s ex-girlfriend, Camilla Belle? And what about the next few lines? Is Taylor saying that she never felt good enough for Jake because he always made her feel inadequate?

image via WENN

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