Top 10 BIGGEST CELEBRITY MELTDOWNS in the Hollywood gossip news! Every move a celebrity makes is magnified in our hungry media especially when their lives become totally destructive. Let’s face it, the media sales jump as a meltdown of someone this famous unfolds. Here are 10 rich and famous A-listers who have gone ballistic over the years.

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10. Charlie Sheen

Such a talent that has reportedly self-destructed from outlandish, addictive drug, alcohol and sex parties.The highest paid TV actor got fired from his “Two and A Half Men” gig. How did it happen? The media has obsessively covered Sheen during the past few months — from his drug binging, hooking up with whores and porn stars, trashing of the Plaza hotel room, landing himself in hospital to dodging rehab to his media rants.

Ordinarily, bad publicity spurns a celebrity to withdraw from the public’s eye. But Charlie Sheen has been embracing all the public attention. He has been a fantastic target for Hollywood gossip with his bad behavior for a long time, but this year he is the poster boy for bad Hollywood behavior especially having been fired from “Two Men.” Is he still winning? We are not quite sure but ultimately we believe this is going to hurt his young kids. Sigh.

9.  Mel Gibson

After great acting as Mad Max and William Wallace (Braveheart), in which Gibson performed outstanding physical feats, his physical feats in real life are nothing but a meltdown for him. His long-time marriage to Robyn Gibson took its toll as his cheating allegations started to unfold.. He came public his then girlfriend Okana Gregorieva who was expecting their child. Rewind Mel’s drama.. few years ago before this whole enchilada, Gibson was arrested for drunken driving, in which he was cursing all the Jews of the world. He apologized  for the alleged racial epithets, think it was forgiven and forgotten… but we don’t believe Mel has apologized for the alleged beating of his ex Oksana. Oh and his ex Oksana tape recorded him over and over again making some vile comments which were pretty disgusting.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has had to pay dearly financially and emotionally since her meltdown that began in 2007. She was a brilliant child star in many of my favorite movies including Parent Trap. Lindsay has been fresh material for Hollywood gossip websites, as she walks up the steps to another court hearing. It’s been tragic to see this attractive, talented young actress dig deeper and deeper into problems. Here is a short list of just the financial costs up to her trial for jewelry theft.

  • January 2007–Wonderland Rehab: $58,000
  • May 2007–1st DUI Arrest: $30,000 for bail
  • May 2007–Promises Rehab: $54,500
  • July 2007–2nd DUI Arrest: $25,000 for bail
  • October 2007–Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah: $60,000 (2 months at $30,000 a month)
  • May 2010–Failure to appear in court: $100,000 for bail
  • June 9, 2010–Violated probation: $200,000 for bail
  • August 2010–UCLA Rehab bill: $130,000
  • September 25, 2010–Violated probation; failed drug test: $300,000 for bail
  • November 2010-January 2011–Betty Ford rehab bill: $150,000
  • February 9, 2011–Felony Grand Theft: $20,000 for bail, $20,000 for violating parole

Aside from the financial costs; Not to say the least, it has affected LiLo’s life dramatically.

7. Demi Lovato

Lovato was on tour with the Jonas Brothers last November, and created some rich Hollywood gossip news. Demi punched a dancer in the face, while they were at a stopover at a Peru airport.  She was abruptly  flown back home from the Peru Airport and checked into rehab. Demi has recently revealed that she has a history of eating disorders and compulsively cutting herself. Sad. We hope this is all behind you Demi as we love you and wish you the best of luck.

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6. Joaquin Phoenix

On February 14, 2009, Joaquin Phoenix was another gifted actor as a guest on David Letterman’s  Late Night Show. Two years prior, Phoenix was flying high in popularity and success. That night, Phoenix appeared with unkempt hair , a scraggly full beard, thick crooked sunglasses, and lethargic  behavior. It was a bizarre thing to see such an unusual picture of him like this in all the press.  When Letterman asked questions, he could only mutter one syllable answers.  The millions of viewers that night thought certainly he was melting down like his brother, River Phoenix, had done years before. River died from a cocaine overdose. As it all turned out (believe it or not) to be a hoax. He apparently did it to promote his next movie. It made great Hollywood gossip for a long time as well, but the movie, I’m Still Here flopped anyway.

5.  Jesse James

Jesse James was married to Oscar-winner, American sweetheart Sandra Bullock. Right after Bullock won the Oscar last year, one of James’ mistresses, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee decided to come forward and tell the world of their affair. And then there was woman number two, three, etc, etc, etc. Doesn’t he reminds you of Tiger Woods and his countless mistresses? Oh it also reminds me of that song “Mambo Number 5″ but don’t think he stopped at 5 though. Fast forward to today, 2011, Sandra and Jesse are no longer married; and Jesse is no longer with his stripper, Bombshell. He claims to be happier than ever with his new found love Kat Von D and he gives us TMI about how hot she is in the bedroom as compare to his ex Sandra. Honest or cheap? As for Sandra, she’s a mother of a beautiful adopted baby boy and she’s still the American sweetheart.

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4. Tom Cruise

Tom became one of the biggest Hollywood gossip news when a spaced-out looking Cruise got down on his knees numerous times and repeatedly jumped up on Oprah’s couch saying that his love for Holmes was “beyond cool.” It sure looked like someone has forgotten to give him his meds. Sure we understand how much you love Katie but.. Oh you’ve got to see the video to know what we’re on about. ( Scroll down to watch Tom Cruise loses it on Oprah below)

3. David Hasselhoff

Back in 2007, a videotape, popped up all over the Internet showing the former Baywatch star looking like he was the one needing a life-saving rescue.  It was instant entertainment news. Hasselhoff was slobbering and muttering incoherently. He was inebriated, sitting in a room of his home. His oldest daughter, Sandy, videotaped this odd picture of a man who once was adored by fans worldwide, who looked like he was on skidrow. Later, Hasselhoff admitted to the press that he fell off the wagon, and has had a drinking problem for some years.  He told Ryan Seacrest that he’s had it with lawyers, but does need an exorcism in a moment of levity.  It’s a fact that maybe at the time Hasselhoff did need an exorcism.  Since then, David has appeared to be a changed man; He’s now watched by millions weekly on America’s Got Talent, and seems quite coherent, even charming. Never say Never.

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2. Britney Spears

In the latest celebrity news, Britney and her music career are now back and beautiful. But the pop princess has had her share of meltdowns especially between 2006 – 2007. Britney completely shaved her head bald and the then newly-shaved Spears decided she has had it with the paps tailing her and decided to attack a paparazzo’s car with her umbrella. Oh didn’t we see some strength there, Brit. Can’t really blame her, those photogs are annoying at times but they also make the stars bigger just like us, the gossip bloggers, don’t they? On top of that, the pop princess was  constantly forgetting her panties at home. Britney eventually checked into rehab. It could have been severe postpartum depression who knows but those days are behind Britney now. She’s on top again and she’s got a great man, Jason Trawick and her two absolutely adorable boys. Come on Jason, pop the question, we like you.

1.Tiger Woods

From being the most loved sportsman, his life went into a downward spiral when his cheating allegations began to unfold.. it all started with his famous car crash on the night of Thanksgiving 2009; his then wife Elin Nordegren allegedly came to know of his affair with Rachel Uchitel. The rumor had it and not the least shocking, Elin was chasing after the famous golfing ace with one of his clubs when he drove out of their driveway. She should have gotten his driver instead bummer. Oh it didn’t stop with just Rachel if you have been living under a rock..Then came many many women. Of course Nordegren and Woods are now divorced and no figure of how much the divorce settlement actually ended up into his cheated wife’s bank account but some Hollywood rumors are suggesting somewhere between $100 – 110 million.. methinks it probably works out to be 1 million for each mistress being repaid to his ex-wife, mother of their two young kids. Looks like all the adults are happy.

Now you see even the very rich and famous have issues too.. Money isn’t everything so they say but they are wrong. Without money, you have nothing but a list of bills waiting for you to pay and your landlord coming after you. Ok enough about me being realistic. What do you think? Do you think money plays a big part in your life? Which celeb meltdown would you say is the most absurd?

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