Baywatch star David Hasselhoff was back in the water working for his charity to teach inner city children the skills of lifesaving and surfing
Malibu, California – 05.08.07
Credit: (Mandatory): Crollalanza/Beiny/WENN

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One Response to “Top 10 CELEBRITY MELTDOWNS”

  1. Adriano on March 13th, 2012 8:48 am

    Very informative. It alerly bums me out that Facebook and their CEO pull such drastic wool-pulling on end users and people who don’t understand or use Facebook very often. I had been so thankful when Facebook first came out. I have gotten back in touch with more people than any class reunion. I completely understand how these things could happen. There are the developers at the top of the food chain and there are grunts like the rest of us just trying to master the skills needed to run the program. It’s rather wacky to test yourself on the several early versions of Facebook to try and pinpoint an issue. I’d like to hear more stories about end users recovering from the dilemma.Best Wishes and Best Regards,-Chuck

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