ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER’s love child skipped his own middle school graduation last weekend and, according to reports, it’s because his family wanted to protect him in light of the scandal that he and his mother, MILDRED “PATTY” BAENA, are involved in.


Arnold’s baby mama pulled her son out of school last month immediately after the story hit celebrity gossip websites and magazines. According to sources, this was due in large part to the fact that photographers began hanging around her son’s school, hoping to get photos of Arnold’s illegitimate son.

The graduation took place last Friday, and despite the fact that Arnold’s son’s name was on the program, he was not present at the ceremony.

TMZ has learned that Patty‘s family, whose lives have been turned upside down since the news of Arnold‘s love child broke out, desperately wants their lives to go back to the way it used to be.

Poor kid. Hope this all blows over so he can go back to having a normal life—none of this is his fault, after all.

image via WENN

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