Congressman ANTHONY WEINER has decided to resign from Congress! Guess he decided to follow Mr. President’s advice after all…


According to the latest celebrity news reports, Weiner has decided to step down in the wake of his cyber cheating, crotch-grabbing, lewd photo scandal. A source says that the disgraced politician…

“…has told friends that he plans to resign his seat after coming under growing pressure from his Democratic colleagues to leave the House.”

Additionally, The New York Times reported that Weiner:

“…began telling his most trusted advisers about his decision on Wednesday night by phone, informing them that it no longer seemed fair to his constituents and his colleagues for him to remain in office.”

Congressman Weiner must have also gotten added pressure to resign after President Obama himself expressed that he believed it was the sensible thing to do in light of the scandal.

So what was Weiner thinking before he finally made his decision? New York gossip columnist Cindy Adams reports:

“Here’s what I know, not what I think. Nervous, agitated, talking to those he knows, he breaks down…He hasn’t friends. Sensing he’d self-destruct way before this incident, I reported his wife would program her husband, as in she is the level-headed one who could keep him calm and professional.”

As to what he’ll be doing after he steps down, Cindy shares:

“He’s seeking employment possibilities. Intermediaries have called around making quiet inquiries. He has no money. Wife Huma has no money. He has no skills. No law degree, no business degree. A lobby position, no. Municipal post, forget it. Teaching children? Duh. A think tank? I don’t think so…. And TV is already full up on maybe-sex-offender talk-show hosts.”

Poor guy. Is it wrong that we feel sort of bad for him?

image via WENN

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