Is runaway bride CRYSTAL HARRIS planning to hock the engagement ring given to her by jilted ex-fiancé HUGH HEFNER? That’s kind of … tacky.


So the wedding’s off, and Crystal gets to keep the ring. What’s she supposed to do with it? According to the latest celebrity news, the former bride-to-be has some ideas—and selling it is high on top of the list.

Crystal reportedly went to a jewelry store in San Diego on Friday to get her rock—which was rumored to be worth $90,000—appraised. An eyewitness revealed:

Crystal wanted to see what it was worth… She didn’t have any papers with her.”

Hmm. We know Hef gave it to her, and he let her keep it even after the wedding was called off, so it definitely is hers. But is Crystal really planning on hocking the expensive bauble, without even batting an eyelash?

The eyewitness adds:

“She said she doesn’t know what she wants to do with it so she was checking out the value of her ring.”

Is it OK for Crystal to sell the ring Hef gave her?

image via WENN

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