DUI escapee ESTELLA WARREN is so inspired by LINDSAY LOHAN‘s decision to dry out, she’s taken herself off to rehab to deal with her alcohol problems, and volunteered herself to be fitted with a SCRAM bracelet, as well. This is the first time Hollywood celebrity websites have heard of Lindsay being an inspiration to anyone, least of all a former supermodel. And a drunken one at that.

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Estella‘s lawyer tells the media:

“She is wearing it as a gesture of good faith, and what better way to show sincerity? Estella is committed to making it all right. She is not doing it begrudgingly. She is a great lady and she really wants to get this situation resolved and behind her.”

Good for you Estella, but we don’t think that’s going to let you off the hook from charges filed by that cop you’ve drunkenly assaulted – something pacifist Lindsay would never have done, no matter how wasted she’s been.

Images via WENN

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