HOLLY MADISON is HUGH HEFNER‘s girl through and through…she trashed CRYSTAL HARRIS good for practically dumping Hugh at the altar, then partying in Las Vegas on the day she was to be wed. Despite having left the Playboy Mansion and segued her career into her own reality show, “Holly’s World,” she remains loyal to the Playboy CEO for having mentored her clothes-shedding star in show business.

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Holly made her disgust very clear after Hollywood celebrity news showed pictures of Crystal “runaway bride” Harris attending a Sin City pool party:

“That’s a new low,”

Holly vented on Twitter, and also…

“That’s disgusting, and whoever booked her is tacky.”


You can’t fault Hugh Hefner from inspiring such loyalty in his bunnies. And no matter what his detractors say, he’ll always have “buxom” “blondes” like Holly to stuff critics’ mouths with their underwear to shut them up, or lambast other “blonde” bimbos who attempt to make money off him.

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