‘How I Met Your Mother’ star JASON SEGEL recently lost 30 pounds, and it was all thanks to a very unflattering photo of himself. Nothing like a yucky “fat photo” to get you motivated, huh?


Jason appeared on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and explained the motivating factor behind his weight loss. The exceptionally tall actor shares:

“I’m now about 215 but I was 245… My lowest moment came [when] I shot a movie in New Orleans.”

He adds:

“New Orleans is like, the best food and booze anywhere … I really took advantage of it.”

Jason then explains:

“My assistant had a key to my room… She came in one day to wake me up and she took a bunch of pictures to show me what I had become.”

Most celebrities talk about going on diets and working out with personal trainers when asked about how they lost weight. Jason, meanwhile, shows a funny photo.

After showing the picture, David jokes:

“Honest to God, Jason, this looks like a crime scene!”

Do you guys think Jason looks better now?

images via WENN

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