Meet KAROLYN PHO, SHIA LABEOUF‘s current girlfriend. The two were first linked back in December 2010 and it seems like things are going great between them. Shia talked about his girlfriend Karolyn during a recent interview.


Shia was seen holding hands with a then mystery lady over breakfast at Little Dom’s in L.A. back in December as we reported and according to Hollywood gossip news, that’s the same girl who Shia‘s been seeing for the past few months. Karolyn, 22, is Vietnamese-American, a L.A. based stylist; the two met in a karaoke club in Echo park, L.A.

“Pâté? A cheese plate? That’s a very 25-year-old deal,” he tells Los Angeles Times says. “I can get down with some fig jelly and some cheese on a cracker. …. She’s having me try different things. I was scared of fish, ’cause of my upbringing, being Jewish. Gefilte can ruin your entire seafood life.”

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What do you think of Shia‘s new girlfriend?

image via WENN

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