Meet two your new Hollywood authors – KHLOE And  KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN. They’re due to release a kick-ass bitch-slap novel soon. Apart from being socialites, reality stars, fashion designers, and perfumers, the Kardashian sisters plan to add “authors” to their resume. If Snooki can pen a bestseller, why not the Kardashians? Why not indeed…


Aggressive Khloe, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind on anything and everything, expletives included, assures star news:

“Every page they turn, it’ll be a bitch-slap.”

Do we take it to mean the upcoming novel will be general trash-down of all their detractors since the Kardashians hit the Hollywood scene with their reality show? Not all of it, says Khloe:
“We’re going to have stories that might be real stories that we’re maybe too embarrassed to share. Kourtney used to wear vibrating underwear in clubs and give someone else the remote and let them turn it on and off and she would orgasm at all times.”
A juicy tidbit that’s totally going to be in the book.
And as media marketing masters, Khloe and Kourtney will spur interest in their novel by holding a contest to come up with the best title for their as-yet unnamed tome:
“We’re literally leaving it up to our fans to decide the title. There’s a contest.”
And if they’re going to hold a competition to hire ghostwriters for their book, we’re totally in.
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