Yep, that’s right—LADY GAGA donned a turquoise wig with matching “pubic hair” for her performance at the Much Music Awards last Sunday. Does the carpet match the drapes? Yes it does.


Lady Gaga loves to push the envelope with her edgy—and oftentimes bizarre—getups. Evidently, last Sunday was no different. For her closing performance of “Born This Way”, Gaga accessorized her surprisingly normal-looking outfit (normal for her, anyway) with a long, wavy turquoise wig… and a patch of turquoise hair hanging out of her open zipper—turquoise pubic hair, to be exact.

Lady Gaga never fails to shock—first she goes bald, then she shows some colored pubes!

But it’s fake, of course. Although if celebrity gossip websites were to report that Gaga had dyed the hair on her nether regions with a brilliant turquoise or hot pink color, we wouldn’t be surprised.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s matching hair pieces?

images via WENN

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