LINDSAY LOHAN will not be going to jail and from now on she won’t need to undergo anymore alcohol or drug test meaning Lindsay is free to drink as she wants while she’s under house arrest!


According to the latest celebrity news, Judge Stephanie Sautner today ruled that the prior judge, Elden Fox only required controlled substances testing from January 3 – February 25, 2011. In other words, Judge Fox did not order alcohol testing.

But the only restriction that Judge Sautner is imposing on Lindsay is that she’s only allowed to have one friend at a time at her Venice pad for the reminder of her house arrest, oh that is in addition to any family members.

The Judge also said no more parties at her crib!

Judge Sautner said the only thing Lindsay was guilty of was “extremely poor judgment.”

The Judge asked Lindsay if she wanted to get on with her life. Lindsay replied, “Yes I do.”

This must be a great relief for LiLo, I can see her jumping in joy since there was no court order requiring alcohol or drug test meaning the Probation Dept cannot test Lindsay anymore. In plain language, Lohan is free to drink as she wants as long as she’s not driving!

Of course Lindsay is elated and she took to Twitter to thank her fans, “Thank you to all of my fans for your support. Sending you Love and Light.”

MethinksĀ Lindsay has a guarding angel who is determined to save her ass so smarten up girl. We want to see you get on with your life!

Do you thinkĀ Lindsay will stay out of trouble from now on?

image via WENN

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