MILEY CYRUS is actually nervous about wearing her racy outfits—for the first time ever—because boyfriend LIAM HEMSWORTH’s parents will be seeing her in them! Here’s what we think: it’s not just the outfit you should be worried about, Miley.


There’s also the questionable, stripper-like dance moves. But yes, for the first time in her life, Miley is actually uneasy about the racy outfits. In an interview with an Australian radio show, the pop singer admitted that she was feeling pretty nervous about wearing her revealing costumes for her June 23 concert in Melbourne, Australia.  Why? Because Liam’s parents were going to be there.

Miley loves wearing extremely revealing outfits for her shows, which is a fact that is always being talked about by celebrity gossip websites. And the fact that her fans are mostly made up of little kids never seemed to faze her. However, now that her boyfriend’s parents are going to be watching one of her shows, it’s a different story. The pop star shared:

“I’m going to be right in front of them in my ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ outfit… Oh my God!”

Finally, Miley is actually showing a bit of shame about her super sexy costumes.

Think she’s going to start covering up a bit after this?

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