PIPPA MIDDLETON is single! Or at least, that’s what the latest celebrity news reports say. Males all over the world can rejoice in the fact that Pippa and her much adored British bum are now back on the market.


Pippa has reportedly severed ties with her boyfriend, former cricket player Alex Loudon, who was her date to the royal wedding. Rumors of their breakup surfaced after multiple sources claimed that they weren’t together anymore, which was corroborated by the fact that they hadn’t been seen together in quite a long time.

A source says:

“It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up.”

Pippa, who is now (probably) Britain’s most eligible bachelorette, was also recently spotted enjoying herself in Madrid, Spain with ex-boyfriend George Percy—one of the richest men in Britain. Although it is unclear whether they were there as friends or as lovers, one thing is certain—Pippa and her famously tight backside wouldn’t be hanging out with him if she were still attached to Alex, would she?

Any guesses on who Pippa is seeing now?

images via WENN

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