No titles for PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE MIDDLETON! According to the latest celebrity news, the royal couple is insisting that they be called by their first names—none of this “Duke” or “Duchess” business.


Prince William and his wife Princess Kate have announced that they would prefer to be called by their first names, and that they need not be referred to by their formal titles, especially now that they are getting ready to go to North America.

Kevin MacLeod, Canadian secretary to the Queen, says:

“With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge it will be a little more relaxed and a little more, dare I use the word, ‘casual’… During the walkabouts, the Duke and Duchess will be meeting lots of people and they will no doubt be glad when a member of the public chooses a topic of conversation.”

Sources inside the palace add:

“If someone feels they want to address them as ‘William’ and ‘Catherine’ or ‘Wills’ and ‘Kate’, the couple wouldn’t bat an eyelid at either.”

Isn’t it nice how the newlywed royal couple seem to be just like all of us “ordinary” people?

images via WENN

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