Did SELENA GOMEZ have a little sleepover with JUSTIN BIEBER at his grandparents’ house? The Disney star, who has been very busy touring Justin’s hometown these past few days, was recently spotted entering and leaving his grandparents’ house two days in a row while wearing the same thing. Hmmmm.


According to reports, Selena arrived at Justin’s grandparents’ house on June 2 wearing a black-and-white striped shirt and looking absolutely fresh with shiny, perfectly styled hair. She left the next day, wearing the exact same thing—though sporting disheveled hair and looking a little less fresh.

It seems that Justin’s family are making sure Selena feels right at home by letting her stay with them instead of at a hotel!

Justin and Selena have become popular fodder on most celebrity gossip websites due to their incessant PDA and sweet getting-to-know-the-family moments. Ever since Justin got back from his tour, they’ve been together nonstop: first they jetted off to Hawaii for some alone time, then they went to spend time with Selena’s family in Texas, and now they’re having a great time with Justin’s family in Canada.

Selena’s probably going to get a fresh new round of death threats from Justin’s fans now.

It’s really sweet that they’re getting to know each other’s families, but aren’t they a little young, and moving a little too fast?

image via WENN

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