No more wedding bells for HUGH HEFNER and his fiancée, CRYSTAL HARRIS! Gosh, we DIDN’T see that coming!


Recent celebrity news tells us that Crystal moved out of the Playboy Mansion five days before the wedding after having a heated argument with Hef over the phone.

Multiple sources claim that the wedding is no longer a go, however it is still very possible that Crystal will come back to Hef once she cools down—assuming he’ll take her back. After all, the man lives at the Playboy Mansion, a place that’s never short on hot blondes who would probably marry him in a heartbeat.

Hef himself confirmed the news on Twitter:

“The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.”

Hef and Crystal were supposed to tie the knot this Saturday… which could still happen. But hopefully Crystal’s come to her senses and realized that she needs an age-appropriate groom.

Any bets on whether she’ll come back or stay away?

image via WENN

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