The ‘Glee’ cast wrapped up their tour with some same sex smooches! If you actually watch the hit TV show, you’d know that there’s a lot of same sex kissing going on in there. But when they do it on tour… is it maybe a little too much?

glee kisses

‘Glee’ cast members Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Darren Criss and Chris Colfer all got some lip action onstage during their concert in Dublin, the last stop of their Glee Live Tour. Girl-on-girl and guy-on-guy only, of course.

In their kissing skit, Brittany (Heather) announces her crush on Blaine (Darren) to the audience. She then calls him out onstage and asks him to make out with her, but he refuses. Brittany’s best friend and occasional lover Santana (Naya) then comes out and consoles her with a smooch.

After the girls dash off the stage, Kurt (Chris), Blaine’s boyfriend, appears and proceeds to read him a sweet love letter.

The whole thing ends with Blaine grabbing Kurt and planting a huge kiss on his lips!

Which couple do you like best?

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