JENNIFER LOPEZ will be baring her naked breasts in one of her upcoming films! Is this because she’s single now?


After the recent bombshell of her separation and impending divorce from hubby Marc Anthony, celebrity gossip websites have found out another surprising tidbit about Jennifer—she has reportedly agreed to go topless in her new film, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’—a movie adaptation of the popular pregnancy book of the same name.

In the script, Jennifer’s character, Holly, bares her breasts to her husband—who will be played by Brazilian hottie Rodrigo Santoro—in an effort to convince him that they must adopt a baby boy.

Aside from this particular topless scene, J.Lo will reportedly be baring her body in ‘Parker’, a crime thriller that is also based on a book. In the movie, the singer/actress will be playing Leslie, a real estate agent who gets naked in front of the film’s main character, which will be played by Jason Statham.

Do you think Jennifer’s latest sexy movie roles are a little inappropriate for a mother of two?

images via WENN

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