JENNY MCCARTHY tweeted a fat picture of herself during her pregnancy in 2002. Jenny topped a whooping 211 pounds! However way you slice it, she was huge! I know it’s hard to image Jenny being this big so.. The 38-year-old hottie took to Twitter to prove her 211 pounds pregnancy weight as she called herself a meaty meaty ass!

jenny mccarthy pregnant pic

“For anyone that doubted my 211 lbs at pregnancy here is a photo I found!” Jenny tweeted on Friday.

“Meaty meaty ass! Whoa!”

According the latest entertainment news, McCarthy credited her postpartum slim-down to Weight Watchers, telling Shape Magazine that “They taught me portion control and to be conscious of what I put in my mouth.”

I have been trying to get those washboard abs and haven’t been too successful; and I also have been trying to drop a few unwanted pounds.. also have not been too successful. BUT this makes me feel a whole lot better. If Jenny could drop this much weight and maintain it, why can’t we?

images: Twitter; WENN

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