KIRSTIE ALLEY recently confronted talk show host DAVID LETTERMAN about all the fat jokes he ever made about her on his show. She even read them all off a piece of paper!


But hey, it was all in good fun. Kirstie, who appeared as a guest on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ yesterday, asked David:

“Do you love me still? Because I feel I’m a little estranged from you. I thought you loved me madly and then you would talk about me being sort of… “chub.” But some of your jokes we’re funny!”

After affirming that he did love her, David admitted:

“I did make jokes about the weight.”

Kirstie recently lost a lot of weight during her stint on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ as reported by celebrity gossip websites. But despite her weight loss, the actress was, for a while, the butt of a whole lot of fat jokes.

During the interview, Kirstie whipped out a piece of paper (from her cleavage) and, ignoring the talk show host’s protests, proceeded to read off the list of fat jokes he had ever made about her. She started with:

Kirstie Alley is joining Dancing with the Stars … if you don’t already own one now might be a good time to get a wide-screen TV.”

And then she read another:

“Last night on Dancing with the Stars, Kirstie Alley fell over on the dance floor … how many of you felt it?”

And another:

“The judges scored [Alley’s dance] an eight — on the Richter Scale.”

After a few minutes of looking uncomfortable, David responded:

“We do love you, and if you were skinny, we would tell jokes about you… Uh, probably not.”

Yikes! Good thing Kirstie was such a good sport.

image via WENN

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