LADY GAGA crazy fashion report, Gaga leaving the Sirius Radio building in New York city after  a long chat with Sirius Radio host HOWARD STERN; Gaga in fishnet stocking, half-face covered, blonde and black hair piece. Wacky but normal Gaga style!

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Lady Gaga was just leaving Sirius radio after chatting with host Howard Stern earlier this morning, it was one of his show’s longest celebrity chats, a nearly 90-minute ramble in which he got Gaga to talk about everything including fame, fashion, sex, drugs and rock and roll.

“I really don’t give a f— about money at all,” Gaga said when Stern tried to get the singer to dish on how much money her album sales and tours have grossed. In fact, she said she still lives in a tiny Brooklyn apartment and has only bought two things with her newfound riches: heart surgery and a car for her dad. “The Monster Ball was really expensive and the next show will be really expensive and I will pay for it,” she said of the 2012 extravaganza that she’s planning.

Seriously, no one really gives a f@%k about money when they have it, isn’t that true?

Other Gaga news, according to the latest Celebrity news coming out of our pap friends, INF Daily, the photogs caught up with Gaga earlier and asked her about her infamous meat dress which she wore to the VMA last year, she said she ate it!

What do you think about Lady Gaga‘s crazy fashion? Somehow she pulls it off and still look pretty crazy good, doesn’t she?

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