LEONARDO DICAPRIO has broken up with BLAKE LIVELY! The Gossip Girl star, Lively is devastated after Dicaprio jetted off to Italy with his mom Irmelin and telling her he needs space, according to the latest Hollywood gossip news.

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Blake fears it’s Leo‘s mother Irmelin who put the brakes on their romance because she didn’t think The Gossip Girl was good enough for her only son.

Blake‘s a total mess,’ according to her close friend.

‘She tried hard to impress Leo’s mum when they met but Irmelin couldn’t stand her.’

‘She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him.’

‘Blake was nervous so she did talk a lot.’

‘But his mum says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model.’

Leo listens to his mum and the fact that she didn’t like her has put him off.’

Ok, that didn’t take long. Rebound relationships don’t usually last anyway, do they? Who do you think they should date next?

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